Innovation Project Manager, DAHER

Right after my double diploma from GeorgiaTech and Arts et Métiers ParisTech in 2014, I started working as an avionics engineer for a big company. Often hanging out with entrepreneurs I understood that I had to work in this environment and decided to join an aerospace startup. Rich of this experience I came back to a bigger and more experienced player in this domain, DAHER (yes I like planes, drones, rockets… everything that’s flying) but still working with startups and entrepreneurs. I am now a member of the Daherlab, a team of passionate guys who conducts and coordinates innovation within the group. I like to see myself as a Business applied Innovator always trying to find the perfect marriage between a technology and a true operational problematics.

Gabriel Raffour interviendra mardi 27 novembre à 16h00 sur le sujet suivant : “Industrie : la gestion des stocks et des flux matière avec la blockchain”