Partner, Chaineum

After graduating with a bachelors degree at Sup’Internet in Web projects management and web design in Paris, Thomas travelled to Canada where he got certified in digital marketing at the Red Academy in Vancouver, BC.
In contact with virtual currencies creation since early 2013, Thomas always followed the new technologies (VR, AR, BC, QC) with big interest, it is naturally that at the end of summer 2017, Thomas joined the first self-regulated French ICO/STO advisory agency, Chaineum, where he is still working as Partner. He has been involved in 12 ICO/STOs so far on multiple aspects.

Thomas Réveillon animera un premier atelier le 27 novembre pour Chaineum autour du sujet “L’auto-régulation, une nécessité globale pour les acteurs de l’industrie STO/ICO”.
27 novembre : 13h00 – 13h30 / salle A